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Perfect for Ages 2-6

🔍 Play a game of HIDE AND SEEK

🏠 Watch household objects COME ALIVE

🥚Remember TAMAGOTCHI? Hatch magical creatures

Designed in Singapore

Speak Mandarin Right At Home

Give the Gift of
Mandarin Magic

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A Delight for both Parents and Kids!

Holly Holiday Trio

USD $55.00
(U.P. $61.50)


International Shipping Included


3-in-1 Bundle of Mandarin Joy

Finding Ginseng Series.png

Finding Ginseng 《寻找人参》

Help Olive and Kale search for their beloved pet using clues hidden throughout the activity cards!
5 x Activity Cards

15 x Voice Interactive Stories

2 x Erasable Markers

3 x Set of Activity Stickers 

How it works


Scan Activity Cards using BrookieKids app

Get a preview of the BrookieKids mobile app here.


Play voice-interactive stories

Listen to stories in Mandarin. There will be questions in different parts of the stories. 

You're my (3).jpg

Speak and explore in Mandarin

Different responses, different outcomes. Decide how the story unfolds!




Iteratively Designed with Education Experts

 Lah Lah Banana, a parent reviewer on bilingual parenting journey:

“I hid the coloured eggs around the house, and we used them for a family treasure hunt.  The kids all listened attentively to the stories, to the point they didn’t want to stop playing. 

Unmute to watch 

Experience Mandarin magic
like never before




Over 300 practical Mandarin vocabulary words, including descriptive proverbs (成语),  per activity pack 

Almost like having a real conversation while reading! Based on what your kid verbalises, appropriate responses will then be given.




Designed to be played multiple times, each time with different outcomes

Activity Cards act as a visual cue to speak a little Mandarin everyday, daily exposure is key to mastering a language!

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A world of Mandarin adventure awaits...

to be discovered...

Common Queries

  • How can BrookieKids help my child learn Chinese effectively?
    We employ 3 key methods to ensure effective language learning: Interactive Story Activities: Our voice-interactive stories are designed to unfold according to what your child responds verbally. Throughout the activities, prompts are strategically placed to encourage children to engage and respond. By actively participating, children develop their literacy and critical thinking skills as they comprehend the context and answer questions. Appropriately-Paced Animation: Our animations are thoughtfully crafted to support your child's understanding and mastery of concepts. Unlike fast-paced cartoons, our animations are paced appropriately, aiding comprehension and retention. Daily Practical Vocabulary: Our stories are set in familiar environments, such as homes, outdoor settings, or common games like "Hide and Seek." By incorporating culturally and contextually relevant vocabulary, we reinforce what children encounter in their everyday lives. This approach helps children connect language learning with their immediate surroundings, making it more practical and applicable.
  • How does the interactive aspect of BrookieKids work?
    Our voice-interactive stories are designed to respond to your child's voice. As they listen to the narration, they will encounter prompts that require their response, such as choosing between options like "hot or cold." Their responses guide the story's progression, making it a personalised and interactive experience. BrookieKids is designed to scaffold children's learnings. Level 1 has simpler content/generic questions, which advances to more complex options/vocabulary in Level 2 and 3. Stories in lower levels are shorter than in higher levels.
  • Which age group of children is suited to use BrookieKids?
    BrookieKids is designed for children aged 2-6 years old, though lower primary students might find it useful too, for practising their oral Mandarin. Our interactive Chinese learning story-activities are tailored to meet the early learning needs of young children.
  • Does my child/Do I need to be proficient in Mandarin to use BrookieKids?
    In general, we would recommend at least someone in the household- parent/caregiver/grandparent/sibling to have basic understanding of Mandarin to guide the child. Our activities are carefully designed to scaffold learning, beginning with simpler content and progressively incorporating more advanced language skills. We observe that children are able to play more independently after the first few tries. Explicit yet simple instructions are given throughout the activities to support your child's learning journey.
  • What sets BrookieKids apart from other Chinese enrichment classes?
    Unlike traditional Chinese language enrichment programs that primarily focus on academic preparation, BrookieKids takes a different approach. We strive to cultivate intrinsic motivation for language learning and promote increased daily usage, particularly in Mother Tongue languages at home. Research conducted among Singaporean children has demonstrated that exposure to the language at home plays a crucial role in enhancing Mother Tongue language proficiency. In the early years of a child's development (2 to 6 years old), fostering a natural interest in language learning can have a profound impact on their overall learning and development. Our carefully curated vocabulary is practical and relevant to daily life, providing children with compelling reasons and motivation to use Mandarin.
  • How do I access the BrookieKids activities?
    Simply purchase our Activity Packs here and use the unique code in each pack to unlock the activities on the BrookieKids mobile app.
  • Can I use BrookieKids if I don't speak Mandarin?
    Your interest and enthusiasm matter more than your Mandarin proficiency level! We highly encourage parents to actively participate in their child's language learning journey. Even if you don't speak Mandarin yourself, your involvement in the activities sends a positive message that Mandarin is important and worth exploring, which can greatly enhance your child's language acquisition experience. While our app interface is in English for easy navigation, it is important to note that parents without Mandarin knowledge may find it challenging to fully comprehend the story activities.
  • Can multiple children use BrookieKids on the same device?
    Yes, multiple children can use BrookieKids on the same device. The app supports multiple profiles, allowing each child to have their own personalised learning experience.
  • Can I use BrookieKids on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can use BrookieKids on multiple devices. Simply log in with your account credentials on each device to access the same content and track your child's progress consistently.
  • Is the BrookieKids app available on both iOS and Android?
    Yes, the BrookieKids app is available for download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Can I use BrookieKids without an internet connection?
    Unfortunately, an internet connection is required to use BrookieKids as we need it to process your child's verbal responses.
  • Are there any additional costs or in-app purchases required?
    Not at all! Once you have purchased an activity pack, you will have access to all the stories included in that pack without any additional costs. We are also working on releasing individual story-activities that can be purchased and unlocked directly within the app. Stay tuned for these exciting releases!
  • Is the BrookieKids app ad-free?
    Yes, the BrookieKids app is 100% ad-free. We prioritize a quality learning experience for children without interruptions from advertisements.
  • What is inside an activity pack?
    Each activity pack includes 5 Activity QR Cards and a code to unlock the pack. Simply place the activity cards around your house at your child's eye level. By scanning the cards with our mobile app, you can access 15 unique voice interactive activities per pack. To further enhance the learning experience, each pack also includes additional physical materials that encourage creativity, memory, free play, and eye-rest. These materials provide extra engagement before or after engaging with BrookieKids story-activities.
  • Can I scan the QR Activity cards repeatedly?
    Absolutely! You can scan the QR Activity cards as many times as you'd like. In fact, we encourage multiple scans to explore different responses and outcomes. It's a great opportunity for your child to practice verbalising different options and see how their choices can influence the interactive experience. So feel free to scan the cards repeatedly and let your child's imagination and language skills soar!
  • Is my child's data and privacy protected when using BrookieKids?
    BrookieKids collects information you submit via the services we provide, and information regarding your interaction with our services. ​ However, please note that BrookieKids will not disclose any data to third parties, including identifiable child data, except for voice recordings (for the purpose of scoring them), from which other identifiers are removed. ​ For full information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

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