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'Speak & Choose' Stories that Get Your Child Loving Mandarin

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Perfect for Ages 2-6

Designed in Singapore

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Witness the Marvel- Mandarin Storytime that Engages

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Your child’s VERBAL response (that's right, they have to speak!) determines the story’s outcome

Iteratively Designed with Education Experts

Why Users Love Our Stories


Loved it! My 3 year old wasn't sure what to say on the first talking, but talked for the others. Loved the characters on screen.

I am learning to read with kids and I could tell what they were from the audio 90% of the time.

-A, Mum of 2


...well-paced animation and incorporation of everyday practical vocabularies into the stories

-M, Mum of 2


They actively listened and tried responding!

-PT, Mum of 2

Iteratively Designed with Education Experts

How It Works

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 Top up Credits in BrookieKids App from as low as $5. 

Redeem any story from our library and get started!

Iteratively Designed with Education Experts

Pricing Plans

Up to 30% off

Starter 🎉
S$5 for $5 Story Credits
S$15 for $20 Story Credits
S$35 for $50 Story Credits
Start small 👍
Dive deeper 🏊‍♂️
Collect all 🏋️‍♂️

And be ready for a Chinese language adventure, anytime, anywhere.

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