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Speak and Choose Stories

The Secret to Encouraging
Your Child to Speak Mandarin

Perfect for ages 2-6 years

Designed in Singapore

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Get your kids speaking Mandarin with ease at home, not just in enrichment classes

Voice (Speech)- Interactive Stories

Relatable Characters

characters that preschoolers like
girl speaks chinese happily
stories that interacts and engage

Practical Scenarios

Over 1000 families on board

"Spot of Sunshine"

“This game comes highly recommended by parents who are not native speakers trying to encourage speaking Mandarin and also help equip their child with practical everyday terms in Mandarin.”

Hear your child speak and enjoy Mandarin

Unmute to watch 

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Crafted in Singapore, our Chinese stories feature practical, everyday vocabulary, bringing Mandarin to life in your child's daily world.

You are your child's best language teacher

review by asianmamajournal
review by xoxojess

Embark on a fun-filled Mandarin adventure with BrookieKids

Chinese stories
Chinese books

Ages 2-6: Discover short stories

Dive into a world of short Chinese stories tailored for young minds.

Ages 3+: Explore Activity Packs

Tap into the physical world with #ScanSpeakLearn™️ activities.

Chinese activity packs
Chinese playdates

All Ages: Interactive storybooks

Choose your path, flip the pages, and dive into sensory play during or after reading.

All Ages: Playdates

Join us at our bi-monthly playdates for more Mandarin magic

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