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What we are

BrookieKids is a monthly subscription plan for bilingual rookies between 2 to 6 years old so that parents don't have to break a sweat!

Consisting of fun interactive activities available online and offline, BrookieKids empowers children to master English and Mandarin effectively by building language use into their routines. We strive to make speaking two languages at home fuss-free, meaningful and fun for you and your child.

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What’s included in the Monthly Subscription?

  • Weekly theme-based activity plan
  • Fun & engaging bilingual voice interactive online content
  • Bilingual activity kit with books and materials delivered to you
  • Curated YouTube & Spotify playlists
  • Additional online features such as screen breaks and progress tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

BrookieKids is a monthly subscription bilingual learning plan created for young children aged between 2 to 6 years old to master English and Mandarin, by weaving language-use into their routines. We aim to make speaking two languages at home fuss-free, meaningful and fun for you and your child! We are in the midst of inviting users for a trial version. Leave your email here if you would like to be informed and we will follow up with you.
If you are invited for a trial, follow the instructions in the email to create an account! Click to sign up now
BrookieKids offers a one-stop solution by providing a variety of resources, from online resources to hands-on activities and quality hardcopy books so that you can have these resources at hand for your child’s learning. In addition to curating bilingual Youtube videos and Spotify playlists, BrookieKids incorporates up-to-date technology by providing the first-of-its-kind bilingual voice-interactive discussions that encourages the child to actively use both languages.
Our subscription plan also comes with a recommended activity plan which can be customised to your own preferences, to schedule the activities into your routines. With BrookieKids, speaking English and Mandarin becomes easy, second nature and fun!
For a start, BrookieKids is available only in English and Mandarin. However, let us know your thoughts! We are always looking to expand our content for more parents and children.
The monthly subscription plan is designed to help children in their early years get comfortable with English and Mandarin by providing content which is appropriate for their stage of development. We focus on building your child’s interest in the language and meeting their learning needs, through a blend of sensory-rich online and offline activities, with included screen breaks, to prevent eye fatigue.
Here at BrookieKids, we strive to instil confidence in your child in speaking two languages through consistent exposure to both languages and by breaking content into bite-sized pieces, to facilitate your child’s learning.
BrookieKids provides you with a customised dashboard which shows your child’s progress and enables you to earn rewards for each milestone your child completes.
BrookieKids is appropriate for children aged 2 to 6 years old.
These are child-led stories where children get to choose how a story unfolds through actively verbalising their choices (e.g., go to the park or go to the playground). Our voice-interactive feature allows your child to practise the languages on their own and tracks the words they have spoken over time.
Inside each activity kit, there is a variety of play-based resources including hard copy books in two languages, materials for hands-on activities (e.g. crafting, games, cooking), all tied to a single theme for the month. Some examples of the themes include food and nature!
Yes! We ensure that the items are developmentally-appropriate for your child. However we do advise adult supervision for hands-on activities to ensure your child uses the materials correctly and safely.
You will be able to select the theme (e.g food or nature) for the first 3 months according to your child's interest as we scaffold and nurture their enjoyment of the language when you subscribe for the plan. However, if you are not certain which theme to choose, we can also recommend some themes based on your child’s interests.
Thereafter, we will deliver our recommended themes on a monthly basis with no selection from you required.
As part of the subscription plan, we have our voice-interactive choose-your-own-adventure stories, curated Youtube videos with supplementary voice-interactive questions as well as Spotify music and podcasts, in both languages. These online resources are carefully selected, with the voice-interactive questions designed by the BrookieKids team, to ensure quality screen time for your child.
Depending on the theme, there will be different activities. You can expect activities ranging from categorisation games, pretend play, and cooking to arts and craft.
Yes! BrookieKids program is designed to meet the learning needs of young children such that they are able to stay engaged for the entirety of the activity plan.
The activity plan is only a guide, and you can modify it according to your convenience and preference. All activities will be made available to you from the start of each plan, which means that you can create your own activity plan too!
The Standard Plan and Lite plans will be available for purchase when we launch officially. There will also be flexible purchase options.
Currently, we are opening our Standard and Lite plans for free trials. The Standard Plan is recommended if you wish to complete at least 1 activity everyday and the Lite plan is recommended if you wish to do activities 3 days a week. By being part of the free trial, you will get access to all online content, and all materials and books will be delivered to you!
If you face difficulties at any point during the program, please do not hesitate to contact us at BrookieKids@hummusedu.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
Yes, you will be able to cancel your subscription plan at any time. Please drop us an email at BrookieKids@hummusedu.com if you wish to cancel your subscription plan. We will handle the cancellation process for you as soon as possible.
BrookieKids will be inviting users for a 2 weeks trial to test the program and learn what parents think of us! By being part of the trial, you will also gain access to our curated content for free (yes, that’s right, free!).
We appreciate all feedback, and will be working on them before launching our final product. More details will be available soon. If you’d like to stay updated, please leave your email address here.
You can purchase the subscription plan when we launch BrookieKids officially. More information will be provided closer to the date. In the meantime, do subscribe to our updates, so you can stay updated on our product launch!
While our webpage is mobile responsive, BrookieKids does not have a mobile app at the moment. To allow your child to gain the most out of the plan, we recommend using a larger device such as a tablet or a laptop. If you cast the online activities to the television, do note that your child would have to speak into a phone microphone for the voice-interactive functions!
The activity kit will be delivered to your stated address within 3 working days after successful registration and account set up.
Currently, BrookieKids is available only in Singapore, and we do not ship overseas.
We are still 'baking' BrookieKids and are currently open for trials only. Do indicate your interest here should you wish to be updated when it is available for purchase.
BrookieKids collects information you submit via the services we provide, and information regarding your interaction with our services.
However, please note that BrookieKids will not disclose any data, including identifiable child data, to third parties except for voice recordings (for the purpose of scoring them), from which other identifiers are removed.
For full information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.