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Engineering joyful learning  

Backed by research and powered by the latest technology, Brookiekids empowers children and parents alike by tapping into their innate curiosity and creating a supportive community where we can all learn and grow together.

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Hello there!

​We are in our early 30s, having worked a couple of years and are parents to children in their early years. As we reflected on our personal careers and parenting journey, we recognized that our children's future will be vastly different from ours. With the advent of generative AI, shifting climate conditions, and geopolitical changes, we can't help but wonder how we can prepare our children (and ourselves) with the essential skills to navigate this uncertain future.

That's why we've pooled our expertise in education, content writing, and technology to create BrookieKids - a brand that provides thoughtful products designed to help children develop essential skills for the future, such as digital literacy (interacting with AI), critical thinking and emotional regulation.


Starting with language learning, we envision BrookieKids as a reliable resource for parents seeking to equip their children with genuine skills and knowledge that will prove invaluable in the future. ​

For us, there's nothing quite like seeing our own kids confidently communicating with grandparents and effortlessly switching between languages. It brings us immense joy and pride. And we want to help you experience the same joy and pride. Join us at BrookieKids and discover the fun and fulfilment of raising bilingual children!

With warmest regards,

Mel, Rach, and Kate

Hummus Education is the edutech startup that powers BrookieKids. Our name is derived from the idea of 'parents humming tunes to their children'. 


Our vision is to empower communities worldwide to provide children with joyful childhoods filled with playful learning and exploration.


We draw inspiration from the power of play to design digitally appropriate experiences that foster a child's natural curiosity and love of learning.


Incorporated formally in 2021 and supported by Enterprise SG Startup Founder grant, NUS Enterprise and NTUitive.

Our team

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Melissa, Founder

Rachel, Founder


Masters of Education, Strategy and Tech


Content Lead


When you look around your physical environment with your child, what do you see?


We see tables, chairs, and endless opportunities for learning, particularly in language development. Children become motivated to speak, use, and enjoy a language when they understand why it's important.


That's why our ScanSpeakLearn approach involves turning everyday interactions into opportunities to learn. Children are taught practical vocabulary, linked to objects, experiences, and situations that they can relate to personally.


Approved by kids

"Our 3-year-old daughter gets so excited whenever she sees the BrookieKids QR activity cards attached to our furniture. She'll point to the one with Olive and exclaim, 'I want to play with Olive!' Her enthusiasm is contagious, and we love how these cards encourage her to learn and explore her environment."

"The video activities are both entertaining and easy to understand, my son eagerly shouts out the answers each time he plays."


Tested by parents

We believe that the best products are the ones that are tested and improved based on real user feedback. That's why we've made it a priority to involve parents and children in every step of the product development process.


Since May 2022, we've been working closely with over 500 families to create and refine our Home Speak Home activity pack.

The initial beta version, released with a web app, provided invaluable feedback, revealing issues such as the speed of the narrator and the need for levelled content for different proficiency levels.

With this feedback in mind, we released a beta mobile app in November 2022,  and since then, we've continued to gather feedback and make significant improvements to the user experience, including the addition of features like pause and repeat functions. 

In May 2023, we're excited to announce the official launch of our BrookieKids app, a beautifully redesigned Home Speak Home, as well as two new themed packs! We couldn't have done it without the invaluable feedback of our community, and we're committed to continuing to make improvements based on your needs and suggestions!

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Are you a mother taking a career break to spend more time with your child or reflecting on your next steps?


Look no further! Join us in the early childhood education sector with flexible working arrangements.


As mothers ourselves, we understand the challenges of balancing work and family life. That's why we want to empower mothers with flexible and autonomous work arrangements.


We welcome mothers with or without prior experience to join us in contributing to the child development sector.

Programmes involved

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