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Frequently-Asked Questions

1) What is BrookieKids and how do I use it?

BrookieKids aims to support young children aged between 2 to 6 years old to speak more  Mandarin, through a ScanSpeakLearn concept.  


You can purchase one or more of our activity packs. Each activity pack contains 5 activity cards that are linked to 15 digital, voice-interactive stories in our mobile app. Simply using our mobile app to scan the cards, it will launch a story activity with questions that children can respond to questions/select scenario options.

2) What sets BrookieKids apart from other online language enrichment?

Unlike online language enrichment that focuses on academic preparation, BrookieKids aims to nurture intrinsic motivation to language learning and increasing daily usage, especially Mother Tongue language at home. Research amongst Singaporean children has shown that exposure at home is key in improving Mother Tongue language proficiency.


For children in early years (2 to 6 years old), fostering a natural interest towards language learning will go a long way in overall learning and development. 

The vocabulary that we expose children to are practical and relevant to daily use, providing reasons and motivation to use Mandarin. 

3) What languages are BrookieKids available in?

Currently, our packs areHome Starter pack is only available in Mandarin. 

4) How does BrookieKids support my child’s learning?

There are many ways we do it,here are 3 key ones:

  1. Our stories are voice-interactive, meaning children will speak/respond to questions as the stories unfold. Speaking requires the child to understand the context/questions, hence developing both literacy and critical thinking skills. 

  2. Appropriately- paced animation. The combined use of audio-visual tools, such as animation, can enhance children’s ability to understand and master concepts. Our animation are specially designed for educational outcomes (i.e. no fast effects like cartoons)

  3. Daily, practical vocabulary. Our stories take place in settings around the child’s physical environment that they are familiar with, such as at home/outdoors or games like “Hide and Seek”. By using culturally and contextually relevant vocabulary, we reinforce what children see in their daily lives. 

5) What are voice-interactive activities?

These are child-led activities where children get to choose how the activity unfolds through actively verbalising their choices (e.g., hot or cold). Our voice-interactive feature allows your child to practise the languages on their own.

6) What is inside an activity pack?

You will receive 5 Activity QR Cards and a code to unlock the pack. The activity cards are to be placed around your house and at your child’s eye level where it is accessible to him/her. Scanning the Activity QR card with our mobile app opens up to our voice interactive activities. You can access 15 unique activities per pack. 

In addition, to encourage the expression of creativity, memory, free play and eye-rest, each pack also contains additional physical materials that your child can do pre/post- BrookieKids activities. 

7) Can I scan the QR cards again after I have completed the activity?

Absolutely! We encourage your child to try verbalising the different options to practise different words, and see how the different words can lead to different outcomes!

8) Is there any data collected by BrookieKids?

BrookieKids collects information you submit via the services we provide, and information regarding your interaction with our services.

However, please note that BrookieKids will not disclose any data, including identifiable child data, to third parties except for voice recordings (for the purpose of scoring them), from which other identifiers are removed. 

For full information about our Privacy Policy, please click here.

Did not see any questions that you have in mind? Drop us a message here! 

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