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Finding Ginseng 寻找人参

Finding Ginseng 寻找人参


With the Finding Ginseng pack, your child can help Olive and Kale search for their beloved pet using clues hidden throughout the activity cards. Along the way, they will learn about the importance of observation, logic, and perseverance. Who knows, they might even uncover some hidden surprises!


Fun Alert! How a 3.5 year old and her mummy had fun playing hide and seek in Mandarin. Read here.


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  • Get Hands-On

    Before the story starts: Take your child on a treasure hunt around the house.

    Hide the five QR cards in different places and let your little one search for them. As a reward for finding each card, your child can scan the QR code and enjoy a story.

    After the story ends: Flip the cards over and reinforce concepts learned.

    Done with reading our stories? Now flip the cards over and start engaging in some more brain activity! The back of the cards are specially designed with simple activities that reinforce concepts and Mandarin words that were shown in the stories. Use the markers and stickers provided. 

    Back-of-Card Activities for Finding Ginseng
    1) Decorate Olive's birthday cake
    2) Trace the words "生日快乐“
    3) Do some face painting with Rye
    4) Decorate the living room for a birthday party
    5) Help Olive find her birthday cake

  • What's inside the pack

    5 x Activity Cards

    15 x Voice Interactive Stories

    2 x Erasable Markers

    3 x Set of Activity Stickers 

  • What your child will learn

    • Get exposed to 320 Mandarin vocabulary words, including descriptive proverbs (成语)
    • Master preposition words in Mandarin using relatable items that are available in most homes
    • Verbal communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills
    • Active screen time - get moving around the house in each Hide-and-Seek game