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Hatch me if you can 神奇魔法蛋

Hatch me if you can 神奇魔法蛋


Inspired by the classic Tamagotchi game, this pack will keep your child engaged as they help their little creatures discover their likes, dislikes, and overcome challenges. With each story-activity, your child will experience the joy of nurturing and watching their little friends grow into something truly special.

Fun Alert! How a 4 year old who resisted speaking Mandarin spoke Mandarin. Read here.


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  • Get Hands-On

    After the story ends: Flip the cards over and reinforce concepts learned.

    Done with reading our stories? Now flip the cards over and start engaging in some more brain activity! The back of the cards are specially designed with simple activities that reinforce concepts and Mandarin words that were shown in the stories. Use the markers and stickers provided. 

    Back-of-Card Activities for Hatch me if you can
    1) Complete the Martian's Rocket Puzzle
    2) Dress Mermaid up for a party
    3) Get Dino's soccer ball to the goal
    4) Help Elf set up Grandma's garden
    5) Fill Unicorn's favourite rainbow with colours

  • What's inside the pack

    5 x Activity Cards

    15 x Voice Interactive Stories

    2 x Erasable Markers

    3 x Set of Activity Stickers 

  • What your child will learn

    • Get exposed to 340 Mandarin vocabulary words, including descriptive proverbs (成语)
    • Socio-emotional development themes such as expressing about likes/dislikes, empathy, caring for others, accepting failures
    • Critical thinking and verbal communication skills
    • Colour and pattern matching