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Perfect for Ages 2-6

Designed in Singapore

Whether it's to connect with your child, or to slip in a quick Mandarin practice session, use our interactive stories for a unique Mandarin adventure. 

Your Bring-Along Mandarin Companion

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Designed with educational experts

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Sunny, Bilingual Parenting Coach

"This game comes highly recommended by parents who are not native speakers trying to encourage speaking Mandarin and also help equip their child with practical everyday terms in Mandarin."

The BrookieKids Approach -
"Speak & Choose"

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Does your child hesitate to speak Mandarin?

We design our stories through your child's eyes, weaving in questions that invite them to respond and explore, one choice at a time. 

With hundreds of branching storylines, every adventure is unique.

'Scan, Speak, Learn'
Activity Packs

  • Best suited for ages 3.5+

  • Challenging Playtime: Tap into the physical world, explore real objects with #ScanSpeakLearn™️ activities.

  • Level Up! 45 interlinked stories with 3 difficulty levels, themed around household objects & concepts like hide-and-seek.

Story Credits

  • Suitable for ages 2-6 

  • Storytime Anywhere: Dive into a library of short stories anytime, anywhere, for quick bursts of Mandarin learning.

  • Culture & Festivities: Celebrate special occasions like Chinese New Year and Singapore National Day with culturally relevant narratives.

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Bundle Deal
Get the best of both worlds!

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Explorer Set

SGD $59.90
(U.P. $79.70)

Free Local Shipping

Hear what parents say...

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Play in Mandarin. 
Speak in Mandarin. 
Spark a love for learning that lasts a liftime. 

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