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Getting started with BrookieKids Part 2- Different levels and engagement tips

Have you unlocked and started scanning the BrookieKids pack? We hope you have done so!

Now, here are some tips on how to get the most out of the packs!

Tip #1: To access the activities of the level you want, scan using the camera on individual game pages.

To motivate children along the way, higher levels get "unlocked" as the lower levels are completed! The stories are designed to motivate children (not to penalize), so they are really easy to get to the end. If your child is not answering for the first time they see the stories, it could be they are not familiar yet.

Let it progress till the end, and then come back to try again! The stories are evergreen and always there!

Tip #2: Easy access to some ideas for pre/post-activity engagement!

A major part of what BrookieKids believe in is also parent-child interaction, and we have some ideas for you on how to do that using our packs! Look out for the 💡 button on every game page. Click on them for some tips!

For a more detailed description from a first-user experience, check out the blogs by Founders for Memory Card Game (Hatch me if you can) and Hide and Seek + Clay Paint activity (Where is Ginseng?)

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