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Getting Started with BrookieKids Part 1- Unlocking the packs and Scanning

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Have a pack but unsure how to get started? Here is a quick 3-min read to guide you along!

Firstly, do a quick check to make sure you have a child's name in your settings.

Next, unlock using the code provided in the pack you purchased.

Every code can only be used once and will be tagged to an individual account. You will not be able to start the scanning without unlocking the packs!

Are you read? Click on the 'Camera' icon to start scanning!

Here is where the fun begins! Click on the camera icon and scan the QR code on the activity cards.

The game pages changes as every activity completes.

Keep a lookout for the game pages that changes at every completed level!

Let's keep going and see what happens at every game page!

If you need more details on how our voice-interactive stories work or more information of what is inside our activity packs, have a read here.

Have a question that you are not quite sure with? Drop us a message in the app or whatsapp us at 8912 4237!

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