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🗣️ Speak & Choose- your child decides how the story unfolds

🏠 6 minutes of Mandarin cultural immersion

👍 Perfect for ages 2-6 years old

Mid-Autumn Festival Voice Interactive Mandarin Story 

4.6/5 star reviews by 800+ families

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Moonlit Chronicles: A Mid-Autumn Tale


Follow Kale and Olive as they experience an unexpected adventure during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Transported back in time to a historical world, they befriend Pomelo and explore ancient festival customs.


The story intertwines friendship, tradition, and the moon's magic across time.

Free from ads, no credit card required. 

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Delina, Mother of a 5-year old based in Germany

My son is so willing to talk and interact (in Mandarin) with cute stories ☺ … He is learning simply by playing and is helping me to translate. He is so proud of understanding more (Chinese) than me 😉

Uniquely BrookieKids: Speak & Choose

Voice-AI Directed Stories


Appropriately paced animation

Prompts throughout story:

Speak up, no clicking! 

Story changes according to what your child says!

If no one in my family speaks 'good' Mandarin ...

No worries! Our stories are carefully designed to make Mandarin learning fun. We use everyday vocabulary that's easy to understand. 


While it's intuitive, having someone with basic spoken Mandarin knowledge (parent, grandparent, sibling, etc.) to guide the child is recommended. 

(Limited time only) Play it with your child for free

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Interested in more Mandarin adventures...?

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