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Empowering Children to Speak Mandarin with Joy

Discover a community of support on your bilingual kid's language journey and beyond


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Is your child hesitant to speak Mandarin?

Do you find it challenging to engage your child in Mandarin playtime?

Don't worry, you're not alone!


Children may hesitate to speak Mandarin because they may not see its relevance in their daily lives or may not have enough exposure to the language.


Parents may find it challenging to engage their kids in Mandarin playtime due to their own language proficiency or lack of suitable resources.


BrookieKids offers a solution to both problems by providing fun, interactive and contextually relevant Chinese language learning experiences that are easy to use for both children and parents.

Prioritize speaking skills with BrookieKids.
As your child practises speaking, reading and writing skills will follow naturally. 

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Watch your little linguist grow!

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05 Stages - Red Banner.png
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In this stage, the child listens and absorbs new vocabulary while playing, but may not yet be ready to speak. We create a fun and immersive environment for children to learn Chinese by absorbing new vocabulary naturally.

The child begins to reply intuitively with single/few words like "是" (yes) or "不是" (no). BrookieKids encourages children to speak by providing interactive feedback to these one-word responses.

As children gain confidence, they start to reply with longer, fuller sentences like "她在做什麽?" (What is she doing?).  We provide opportunities for children to practise speaking in context and develop their language skills further.

Stage 1:
The Silent Observer

Stage 2:
The One-Word-Wonder

Stage 3:
The Sentence Superstar

Stage 4:
The Trickster Talker

In the final stage, children may purposely reply with wrong answers to see different responses from the app. We adapt to these responses and provide feedback accordingly, (and sometimes even with a wry sense of humour!)

Absorbing Mandarin

Through Playtime

Intuitively Responding to Mandarin Prompts

Formulating Longer, Fuller Responses in Mandarin

Exploring Mandarin Through Purposeful 'Wrong' Answers

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