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7 Fun & Easy Mid-Autumn Festival Activities in 2023

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

7 Fun & Easy Mid-Autumn Festival Activities in 2023

Here are 7 easy ideas and activities to explore the coming Mid-Autumn Festival with your little ones.

1. Playdough mooncakes

Up for some tactile play? Not only are homemade playdough free from processed chemicals, your child can also learn about measurement, fractions and ingredients, along the way. At the same time, introduce Mandarin terms while you are at it, such as

  • 月饼 (mooncakes)

  • 陷 (filling)

  • 冰皮 (snowskin)

  • 颜料 (colouring)

Here’s a great homemade recipe to make your own playdough from scratch, or simply use any play dough you have at home. Just be sure to watch your young toddlers as the finished products look so much like the real snowskin mooncakes!

2. Try out BrookieKids Mid-Autumn Festival Activity

BrookieKids Mid-Autumn Festival Activity

Discover an engaging voice-interactive Mid-Autumn story on the BrookieKids app! Transport your child to ancient China, where they'll delve into the festival's history, customs, food, and games—all while practicing Mandarin.

Download app here and get the story for only SGD1.99.

3. Make a lantern together

Here is a really simple one. All you need is paper, scissors and staplers. Feeling more crafty? Try out this really cute bunny lantern.

4. Cook Tangyuans

Want to make something edible but find mooncakes too complex? Put on your apron and make tang yuan (汤圆) with your child. Take the opportunity to share about how Mid-Autumn is when the moon is the roundest, and the Mandarin term yuan also symbolizes gathering and reunion.

5. Free Mooncake Tasting (updated 2023)

Mid-Autumn Festival Activity Mooncake Tasting

Feeling hungry already? Mooncake fairs are back in Singapore! Shop for (and sample) mooncakes together!

From now till 29 Sep (Friday), here are some locations you can head to:

  • Takashimaya Square, B2 and Food Hall, B2

  • TANGS at VivoCity, Level 1 Atrium

  • NEX, Level 1 Atrium

6. Legends about Mid Autumn Festival

After filling your stomachs, snuggle together to read about the legendary story linked to the Mid-Autumn Festival - The story of Hou Yi and Chang’E. Try getting your hands on a copy of The Shadow in the Moon by Christina Matula or watch the read-aloud here.

7. Walk in the park

Mid-Autumn Festival Activity Walk in the park

When the clouds clear, head outdoors with your lanterns to connect with your neighbors and look out for the moon! Oh, those days when we lit candles in rows on the lids of mooncake tins. You can also prepare sparklers and glow sticks for some extra fun in the dark.

Here’s a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival from all of us at BrookieKids! Enjoy the activities and have fun with your family!


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