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Inspirations from the community

Carrotsticks & Cravings

Serving up healthy food made with fresh and nutritious ingredients, Carrotsticks and Cravings is often known as a healthy food haven. While you indulge in food that is both healthy and delicious, why not learn some Mandarin?

Your child will learn about how pancakes are made and what the key ingredients are called in Mandarin!

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Kind Kones

Try out our location based activity at Kind Kones Forum and i12!

Specially designed for children aged 2 to 6 years old, turn your ice-cream session into a great conversation opportunity where your child can learn about the ice-cream ordering process in Mandarin!

Plus, did we mention about the amazing all-natural ice-cream Kind Kones serve?

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Little Things

Providing cooking classes for toddlers as young as 2, The Little Things seeks to bring more children into the kitchen to explore a world of food, ingredients, getting their hands dirty, and of course, to savour the fruits of their labour!

While your child picks up some cooking skills, why not pick up a little Mandarin too? Check out BrookieKids at The Little Things' cooking studio, where your child can learn some Mandarin cooking vocabulary!

The Little Book of Singapore Food Illustrated: We have collaborated with Author, Emily Yeo to bring you a special Rainbow Tangyuan activity. Try this activity in the mobile app & get 15% off Emily Yeo's Little Book of Singapore Food Illustrated using code we've provided at the end of the activity! Shop via this link.

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Grub at Stevens Road

Looking for somewhere with delicious food, AND lots of space for your children to run around?
Previously located at AMK-BISHAN park, GRUB is well-known for their beef burgers made with 100% freshly minced beef patties.

Learn about what goes into their signature burgers, and actually order them to complete the experience! 

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USD Cafe

USD Cafe, or Upside Down Cafe, is Singapore's first upside-down optical illusion-themed cafe!

Let your children enjoy the quirky upside-down atmosphere AND be entertained by BrookieKids, while you enjoy their specialty Ipoh white coffee and affordable breakfast mains.

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Surrey Hills Grocer

Avocado, Melon and Pumpkin... these are some of the fruits and vegetables that are widely farmed in Australia, and found right here in Singapore at Surrey Hills Grocer!

Let your child find out more about pumpkins and the yummy dishes that we can make out of them, before getting one back home! Your child might just fall in love with pumpkin soup today!

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