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Turn your home into a Mandarin playspace

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Perfect for curious preschoolers aged 2-6

Designed in Singapore

Interactive Story Activities

Appropriately-Paced Animation

Daily Practical Vocabulary

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Maia (2).png
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Maia (2).png
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Is your child hesitant to speak Mandarin?

Do you find it challenging to engage your child in Mandarin playtime?

Don't worry, you're not alone! 


With our fun, interactive, and contextually relevant Chinese language learning activities, we make Mandarin learning enjoyable and fuss-free for both children and parents.

Speak Mandarin right at home


How it works


Set up Activity Cards
around the house

Get your child involved and excited about what's to come!


Unlock story-activities on app with unique code provided.


Scan and start
speaking Mandarin

Your child will be guided throughout the interactive stories!

Unmute to watch 

What Parents Say

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Speak Mandarin When you scan!.png
Speak Mandarin When you scan! (1).png

ScanSpeakLearn™️ Packs

Start Mandarin conversations right at home

Where is Ginseng 


Hatch me if you can


Home Speak Home


Transform your home into a magical learning journey, where everyday objects come alive with wonder!

Where your child can delight in the experience of hatching and nurturing their very own magical creature.

Embark on an exciting hide-and-seek adventure with Olive and Kale as they search for their beloved pet.

Watch your little linguist grow!

Watch your little linguist grow!

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05 Stages - Olive (1).png
05 Stages - Kale (1).png
05 Stages - Rye (1).png

Stage 1:
The Silent Observer

Stage 2:
The One-Word-Wonder

Stage 3:
The Sentence Superstar

Stage 4:
The Trickster Talker

Absorbing Mandarin

Through Playtime

Intuitively Responding to Mandarin Prompts

Formulating Longer, Fuller Responses in Mandarin

Exploring Mandarin Through Purposeful 'Wrong' Answers