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[International Shipping] One and Only Ondeh Ondeh 《独一无二的小糯米糍》

[International Shipping] One and Only Ondeh Ondeh 《独一无二的小糯米糍》

Synopsis:  On the vibrant Nonya Lane, Ondeh Ondeh lives with her friends – Ang Ku Kueh, Kueh Lapis Sagu, and Kueh Dadar.


Among these amazing friends, Ondeh Ondeh finds herself too ordinary. She tries hard to change herself, hoping to become as outstanding as her friends, but all her attempts fail.


Then, a small mishap occurs in Nonya Lane...Can she realize her Ondeh-viduality and put it to good use to save the day?


What Makes It Special:

  • Page-Flipping Adventure: This isn't just any storybook. Children can flip pages according to their choices, crafting their own storytelling journey and learning the consequences of their decisions.
  • Companion Voice-Interactive Digital Story: Pair the book with our BrookieKids app to unlock a voice-interactive version of the story. This digital enhancement brings the narrative to life, engaging children in a dynamic learning experience where their voice guides the adventure.


Use This Book For:

  • Learning Chinese: Presented exclusively in Chinese, accompanied by Hanyu Pinyin, this book is ideal for native speakers and learners alike, supporting language skills and pronunciation.
  • Interactive Storytelling Adventures: The narrative allows parents to guide children to make choices, leading to diverse story paths and making each reading experience uniquely engaging.
  • Cultural Insight: Embrace cultural diversity as the characters explore beverages tied to tradition and heritage.


Crafted for preschoolers aged 2-6, this book captivates with its vibrant illustrations and engaging storyline.


An excellent resource for parents and educators seeking to immerse children in Mandarin language learning, interactive engagement, and cultural education.



Total number of pages (including cover): 32

Size: 21cm x 21cm


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