What is BrookieKids and how do I use it?

BrookieKids aims to support young children aged between 2 to 6 years old to master English and Mandarin, by weaving language-use into their routines. We aim to make speaking two languages at home fuss-free, meaningful and fun for your child through the design of play-based voice interactive activities. 

We are currently giving out free Home Starter packs. You will receive a set of removable QR Code stickers with instructions of where to paste in your house. Thereafter, simply get your child to go around scanning it and try out our voice interactive activities online. 

Click here to get one free activity pack!


What sets BrookieKids apart from other online language enrichment?

Unlike online language enrichment that focuses on academic preparation, BrookieKids aims to nurture intrinsic motivation to language learning and increasing daily usage, especially Mother Tongue language at home. Research amongst Singaporean children has shown that exposure at home is key in improving Mother Tongue language proficiency. 

For children in early years (2 to 6 years old), fostering a natural interest towards language learning will go a long way in overall learning and development.


What languages are BrookieKids available in?

Currently, our Home Starter pack is only available in Mandarin. However, let us know your thoughts here! We are always looking to expand our content for more parents and children.


How does BrookieKids support my child’s learning?

Research has shown that exposure of Chinese in home environments accounts for more than 5x in vocabulary size, compared to cognitive ability of the child amongst Chinese speaking children in Singapore. 

BrookieKids focus on building your child’s interest in the language and meeting their learning needs, through play-based voice interactive activities. We also design the activities in accordance to quality screen time to ensure that your child  is actively moving while learning the language. 


What age is BrookieKids suitable for? 

BrookieKids is appropriate for children aged 2 to 6 years old.


What are voice-interactive activities? 

These are child-led activities where children get to choose how the activity unfolds through actively verbalising their choices (e.g., hot or cold). Our voice-interactive feature allows your child to practise the languages on their own.


What is inside the activity pack? 

You will receive 6 removable QR stickers. 1 of it is for admin purposes where parents can scan and get access to general information like “How to use BrookieKids”, activity descriptions and tips. The other 5 stickers are linked to voice interactive activities and to be placed at your child’s eye level where they are accessible to him/her.


Are the items for hands-on-activities in the kit safe for my young child?

Yes! We ensure that the items are developmentally-appropriate for your child. However we do advise adult supervision for hands-on activities to ensure your child uses the materials correctly and safely.


Are the stickers removable?

Yes! Our high quality QR code stickers are printed on removable Vinyl Stickers which can be placed on smooth surfaces and can be reused multiple times.


Are the BrookieKids activities appropriate for my young child?  

Yes! BrookieKids program is designed to meet the learning needs of young children such that they are able to stay engaged for the entirety of the activity.


Can I scan the QR stickers again after I have completed the activity?

Absolutely! We encourage your child to try verbalising the different options to practise different words, and see how the different words can lead to different outcomes. 


Do you have a mobile app? 

While our webpage is mobile responsive, BrookieKids does not have a mobile app at the moment.


How long does it take for the activity pack to be delivered?

The activity pack will be delivered to your stated address within 5 working days after checkout from our site. 


Where is BrookieKids available? Do you ship overseas?

Currently, BrookieKids is available only in Singapore, and we do not ship overseas.


What if my stickers are torn? Can I replace them?

Currently, we only provide 1 free set of stickers, which can be removed and pasted elsewhere for upcoming content packs. Should you require a replacement pack, please place an order here.


Is there a delivery fee?

There are no delivery fees. We only offer standard shipping option. 


Can I change/ cancel my order?

If we have not sent you the shipping confirmation email, you can contact us here  to find out if we can edit your ordered items or change your delivery address.


Is there any data collected by BrookieKids?

BrookieKids collects information you submit via the services we provide, and information regarding your interaction with our services.

However, please note that BrookieKids will not disclose any data, including identifiable child data, to third parties except for voice recordings (for the purpose of scoring them), from which other identifiers are removed. 

Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.